The UAV Team

I have been leading the UAV team since 2021, and the team consists of 5-15 graduate students in the Computational Engineering & Robotics Lab (CERLAB) at Carnegie Mellon University. Our primary objective is leveraging our UAV technology expertise and developing algorithms to address real industrial projects. We specialize in tasks such as tunnel inspection, construction site mapping, and window frame inspection. Our team collaborates closely with prominent industrial partners (YKK AP Inc., Obayashi Corporation, TOPRISE CO., LTD, etc.) to provide innovative solutions.

Image 1

F330 Customized Quadcopter

Image 2

Q250 Customized Quadcopter

Image 3

Uvify IFO-SX Quadcopter

Image 4

DJI Matrice 100

Image 5

Clearpath Husky UGV

Image 6

Boston Dynamics Spot

Team Activity Highlights